Pathology Consultants of New Mexico

Focused on Precision

Anatomic pathology is a critical step in delivering quality healthcare to patients.


PCNM is now performing COVID-19 Testing

National and state leaders have identified COVID-19 testing and contact tracing as the pillars of the plans to reopen New Mexico and the nation. Pathology Consultants of New Mexico has joined the effort to increase COVID testing statewide.

This new testing provided by PCNM can potentially increase statewide testing capacity by 20% to help New Mexico safely reopen. If your facility needs access to COVID-19 testing or if you’d like more information, contact Marketing at 575-624-4057.

Meticulously Driven to Pinpoint Accuracy

At PCNM, we understand our role in the overall health of the patients we serve. From routine screening tests to complex surgical pathology cases, delivering the right results on time is essential to providing quality healthcare.

We use innovative technology to provide precise, timely results to healthcare providers and their patients. Our commitment to provide personalized customer service while meeting world-class quality benchmarks is unrivaled in the industry.