About Us

For more than 70 years, we have been an independent, pathologist-owned lab providing pathology services to the Southwest Region of the United States. Our focus on accurate and timely diagnoses and the use of innovative technology allows us to deliver progressive patient care and clinician service. Throughout the years, our focus has remained the same: To provide an exceptional level of care for our patients.

What makes PCNM different?

Our focus is on precise diagnoses and serving our patients and clinicians. Our lab is pathologist-owned and our pathologists work directly in the histology, molecular, and cytology laboratories. This structure provides our pathologists with complete control over quality, outcomes, and clinician service and makes us unique in the laboratory industry.

PCNM uses innovative technology to provide precise, timely results to practitioners and their patients, while providing exceptional customer service and meeting world-class quality benchmarks.

PCNM provides full-service Anatomic Pathology services, including surgical, cytology, molecular, and in-house immunohistochemistry. Our services are customized to meet the individual needs of clinicians, group or specialty practices, and hospital-based entities.

Progressive Patient Care—Innovative technology

  • PCNM was the first lab in New Mexico to focus on improving Pap test accuracy by using the ThinPrep Pap test and Imaging System
  • PCNM was the first lab in New Mexico to offer FNA biopsy services
  • PCNM offers a large panel of in-house immunohistochemistry and special studies
  • Clinicians have direct access to pathologists for consultation 24 hours a day

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