Test Information

Test Information

What should I do to prepare for my Pap test?
Schedule your appointment during the midcycle of your menstrual period (10-20 days after the 1st day of your last period). Make note of your last menstrual period.

24 to 48 hours before your appointment, avoid the following:

  • Spermicides or personal lubricants
  • Other vaginal creams, suppositories or medications
  • Vaginal deodorant sprays or powders
  • Douching
  • Tampons
  • Sexual intercourse

These things may wash away or hide cells making it difficult for an accurate reading. If that happens, you may get a call back for a repeat Pap.

Tell your clinician:

  • The date of your last Pap test
  • If you are taking hormones
  • If you have had an abnormal pap or biopsy in the past
  • If you are experiencing abnormal bleeding

What should I do to prepare for my fine-needle biopsy (FNA)?
There is no standard prep needed before an FNA. You can eat or drink normally before the procedure.

At your FNA appointment, inform the pathologist (the doctor who will be performing the procedure) if:

  • You are taking blood thinner medications
  • You are allergic to latex or adhesives
  • You are allergic to topical anesthetics (e.g. Novocain, Lidocaine)