Advances in Gyn Testing
At PCNM, we combine the advantages of the liquid-based collection media of the ThinPrep™ Pap Image Directed Cytology™ test with ancillary testing such as HPV, sexually transmitted, and gyn-related infectious agent testing. This advanced testing not only provides better gynecologic health overall, it helps save lives.

Advances in Histology
PCNM is one of the most sophisticated histology laboratories in the region. We are particularly proud of our immunohistochemistry section, which uses antibody probes to analyze cytology or tissue samples to address common challenges in anatomic pathology.

We can use immunohistochemistry in the classification of metastatic tumors of unknown origin, tumors that appear ‘undifferentiated’ by standard light microscopy, leukemias and lymphomas, along with determination of estrogen and progesterone receptors in breast cancer, and identification of micrometastatic disease in sentinel lymph nodes.

PCNM maintains thorough measures to ensure and document quality control with every test we perform. These control measures allow our pathologists to confirm that the test is sensitive, specific and performing as expected.


  • Continually strives to provide the best and most progressive technology to patients and healthcare providers
  • Investigates, researches, and invests in the best possible testing methods
  • Uses the latest advances in Pap testing: Hologic’s ThinPrep™ Pap test
  • Was the first lab in New Mexico to utilize Hologic’s Image Directed Cytology™ System, which improves the accuracy of the ThinPrep™ Pap test
  • Performs additional (ancillary) testing via the specimen contained in the ThinPrep™ vial. Multiple tests (e.g. Pap test, HPV, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, and other molecular tests for infectious agents) can now be performed from one specimen vial versus multiple samples with their associated collection methods